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Major change is taking place across the global economy and Ireland is no exception. To be part of a successful tomorrow, the Ireland of today must look at the way it does business differently. It must embrace change and education is no exception.


Career Horizons

With over 20 years in leadership, Career horizons offers a professional service to schools and businesses to assist management and their staff deal effectively and collectively with the economic and educational changes sweeping across the globe.

Our Services include;

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Renewing the Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Target/Goal Setting
  • Building Leadership Capacity
  • Policy Review
  • Junior Cycle Reform
  • Business/School Self-Evaluation
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies
  • Conflict Management (Schools)
  • Pastoral Care (Schools)

The essence of our work is to engage participants in a collaborative discussion on the needs and aspirations of their organisation/ group so as to generate the will and energy to bring about change and more importantly an ownership in that change process.


Parents as Partners in Education

Parents are major stakeholders in the drive of educational change. Career Horizons will work with Parents Associations to assist them gain a better understanding of the key educational forces so as they in turn can offer greater support to management and staff in the delivery of high educational standards.

Career Horizons will offer talks, workshops and facilitation to Parent Associations on the above. In addition Career Horizons offers specialized guidance to individual parents, groups, other adults and students on Career Choices, CAO, Studying abroad and financing college and goal setting.  See our careers page.

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