Interview Preparation

Prepare, practice, perform

Career Horizons offer interview preparation, focusing on job description and personality profile for the job on offer.  We offer mock interviews to enhance skills and confidence and feedback so allowing the client, focus on the tasks of securing their ideal job.


Interview Preparation

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  • Are you nervous of that upcoming interview?
  • Have you prepared?
  • Have you a plan going into your next interview?
  • [/list] An interview is usually the final stage in the recruitment process. Your CV/application form must suggest that you are suitable for the job; otherwise you would not be called.

    Interviewing for jobs is not easy and they make us nervous. The key to a successful interview is preparation.  At Career Horizons we will work with you to prepare for interview.

    With good preparation you will be able to think clearer, stress levels will reduce, confidence will increase and a positive impression will be created.

    Career Horizons advises that in preparing for interview you should:



    Research the company and the position on offer. Google the company, read the job description, talk to someone in the company or someone performing a similar role. Gather as much information about the company as possible. Such knowledge builds confidence reduces stress and most importantly, arms you with information to impress at interview.




    Employers today use “Competency Based Interviews”. Such interviews look at past performance to predict future performance. At Career Horizons we use the T.A.R method to assist you in preparing for competency based questions.

    The best way to prepare for interview is to break down your achievements into;

    Task: what you did
    Action: how you completed the task
    Result: what is the result/ benefit from the company’s point of view?  You will be encouraged to emphasise your own role especially if the task involved teamwork.


    Practice, Practice, Practice

    No matter how much research and preparation you do nothing beats practicing for the interview itself. Practice allows you to think in a clear and constructive way what you want to say, recall practical examples that best describe your skills, knowledge and experience and demonstrate your personality. Above all practice gives you the confidence to speak clearly and present your ideas in a clear and concise way.

    How you deliver the information is as important as what you say. Body language is the key and this is what will be looked for at interview. Are you stressed, can you handle difficult questions? Implied here is can you handle stressful situations? Do you maintain eye contact with the interviewer? Communication skills are key as ultimately you will be working with, reporting to or supervising others in the workplace. It is these non verbal language skills that be will sought at interview.

    How you act can be as important as what you say. The way one walks into a room, smiles, shakes hands, makes eye contact are all part of the interview process. Career Horizons offers mock interviews to enhance skills and confidence and provide feedback to assist in your preparation and research.


    Career Horizons Offer

    Career Horizons offers interview preparation, that focus on job description and personality profile for the job on offer.

    Career Horizons are experts in preparing interview style questions focusing on the key areas, with Career Horizons you will be fully prepared for your ideal career.

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